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Tech Training Never Stops (and Rarely Slows Down)

One of my favorite descriptions of technology is that working in it is like standing on shifting sand. It seems like yesterday’s technology can quickly leave us behind. Yes, I meant yesterday’s technology. As a result, tech professionals know they need to constantly engage in training or professional development. Therefore, I’ve embarked on a 21-course journey to deepen my understanding of Active Directory. What is Active Directory? I’m glad you asked! (Deep stuff in that link–only for geeks.)

A fresh tech journey

I entered the technology field after turning 40, and as a result, I have gained my education on the job or on my own. I’ve probably learned all I’ve needed to know to get the job done. Unfortunately, for every new situation I’m having to go learn something new again. Because of that, I’d like to gain a body of tech knowledge from which I can draw as I need it.

It seems the course is rather old (2002) but I believe the basics should still apply. Additionally, I’ll go to fresher material that covers deeper stuff when I’m finished.  The course is called Learn AD in 15 Minutes a Week, and the author is Jason Zandri. And what do I expect to learn in this course?

  • How to plan an implementation of Active Directory
  • How to install and do the initial setup
  • A solid understanding of LDAP
  • Group Policy
  • DNS
  • What all can I do in the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in

Why would I spend my precious free time on this course if I already have most of the knowledge I need? I can always search for the tech information I need that I don’t know. Mostly, I expect to gain six things from this exercise:


  1. I’m always looking for ways to be better at my job. Some people may not agree with this position, but as a believer in Christ, I try to work as if I’m working for God. If my Heavenly Father was the boss of my department, I would always want to try to do better work for Him.
  2. I can read this material in slack periods at work, because it will benefit my current employer.
  3. The author presents the material in a way that I can consume most of a course during my lunch break.
  4. A deeper understanding may make me eligible for broader opportunities in my current company.
  5. More knowledge in this area may make me more eligible for opportunities in this career field.
  6. I have a deep respect for the process of learning, and I try always to be learning something. This particular thing just happens to benefit my career.


What was the last thing you undertook to learn? Was it for personal use or career-oriented? What is the next learning opportunity on which you plan to embark?  If you’re pulling some irons out of the fire, what do you hope to start learning soon?

photo credit: redd angelo