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Changes Coming for This Geek I Know

There will be some changes coming for soon. I struggled with the name of this website for a while. When I purchased it, I liked this name, I still do, but it doesn’t say much about what we do here. To move forward, I have purchased the domain name Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to be transitioning This Geek I Know over to Deep Into Tech. I feel very much like I’m jumping off a ledge.

changes coming tech site


When I started this journey, I had a different goal in mind. I wanted This Geek I Know to be a site where people could come to get answers to tech questions. I wanted to provide a place to learn about technology new and current. But I also thought that the name is a little hard to say, and it may not resonate with that audience. For that reason, I opened up That site provides advice and information to people who don’t speak “geek.” Grown Up Tech has gotten a nice, steady, loyal audience and I appreciate that.


This site is a deep dive into some cool tech that the mainstream news may gloss over or ignore completely. I also add my opinion on some current events in tech. Because of my interest in going deeper into the story, I think that Deep Into Tech is a better description of what is going on here. It’s also easier to say, isn’t it?


Stay with me, here. I’m not going anywhere. It’s going to take me some time to figure out how to make the transition. I’m only one person, I don’t have a web staff to handle all this for me. I hope that a more descriptive name will draw more people to the site. I’d like to hear from people with a deep interest in obscure tech. I want to open up discussion on the fascinating things I plan to uncover.

I also plan to stay with, my blog on general topics not related to technology, and, where I chronicle my explorations in photography. Drop by and leave a comment.