Who is This Geek I Know?

I wasn’t born into the Digital Age, which should give you a clue as to my age. Even so, many of my contemporaries discovered the joys of technology long before I did. I began this journey just over fifteen years ago with my first computer, a Compaq with a Pentium II processor–much more advanced a machine than most geeks start off with. I missed the Atari platform, Commodore, Tandy, I missed bulletin boards, and I missed the Internet that was driven by command line.

So much of our lives are touched in some way by technology that I have set out to find cool tech wherever it lives, to talk about it, to unpack it, to speculate on it, to see all the ways our world is improved by people seeing things that can be.

I work as a System Administrator for a large corporation. I have CompTIA certifications for Computer Hardware, Operating Systems, Networking, and Security. Working in technology is like standing on shifting sand, so there is more education to come.

Stay tuned….

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